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Written by Rene March 2020
To achieve, or... to over-achieve!

Viktor Frankl, an Austrian Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, explains the importance of believing in more than what you're capable of attaining. If you believe in only what you know you are capable of, and aim for just that, you'll often fall short of your true potential. This is because of unforeseen, outside resistance and unexpected circumstances. As a result, these forces can become excuses and your reason to achieve less or give up. On the other hand, if you believe in more than what you're capable of, and aim beyond your potential, you'll power through and whether excess resistance. Consequently, you’ll over-achieve! 
— Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl 

How can you begin to navigate the open space of real estate investing (REI)?

The word compass is derived from Latin, and it's composed of two parts. The first part is com, meaning "together." The second part is passus, meaning "a step." In other words, with every step, you get closer. Unlike modern-day GPS, with a compass, you can't input your exact destination. You still chart a course to your destination, but it's less exact. In life, it's impossible to know your exact destination. However, you can still chart a course for something beyond what you think you can attain. 
REI Takeaways:
  • Commit to something BIGGER:
Before you set any goals, commit to a BIG journey! Like navigating the open oceans, it won't be easy, but if you set out to journey farther, you’ll be ready to navigate outside forces trying to push and pull you off course. 
  • Chart your own course:
Don’t buy into the "two steps forward and one step back” mentality. You can only quit when you stop. Avoid perceiving anything as setting you back. Sidestep, pause, or make a course adjustment, but never let yourself believe you’re moving backwards! Nothing in life is a straight path.
  • Reject excuses and receive feedback:
Venture further and redefine how you interpret obstacles. Opposing forces are to be concord. If you understand the physics of sailing you can master the sea with the right vessel. A sailboat can't sail straight into the wind. It can, however, sail diagonally to the wind. Don’t permit the wind direction to become an excuse, but instead, use it as feedback to adjust your course. In fact, specialized sailboats can travel more than two times faster when the wind is coming abeam (i.e. wind is coming from the side and the boat moves in a crabbing manner). You'll need to make course corrections to navigate bad storms, tidal currents, crosswinds, shallow waters, etc. As with an experiment; record results, adjust, and optimize. 
It only takes a spark of interest to ignite your own real estate fury. Here are some questions to ask yourself before setting out to conquer your own real estate investing space:

1. Why not commit to real estate investing and early retirement? Do you think the journey is too BIG for you to embark on? 
2. How can you chart your own course to financial independence? How many rental properties do you think you can get? Now shoot for a greater quantity!
3. Can you reject excuses and receive your own feedback? How can you test the real estate market and adapt to over-achieve? How can you take advantage of the virtual space to give you a long-term advantage?
Your consistent action over a span of time becomes your past. As a result, your consistency today sets the tone for your future. Are you ready? It's time to think big. Set course and take your first step into REI now!

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