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Written by Rene January 2018
Never stop learning!

There's an app out there that gives you more time and more knowledge. It quite literally helps you build the best version of yourself. The more you use it, the more you gain. Do you have it?

Find out how you can learn like a CEO with this one simple tip!
Written by Rene April 2019
Are you in the saving money for retirement boat because one day you want to do LESS? Be warned, those overly concerned about saving can fall victim to a scarcity mindset: fearing to spend because the lack of an ability to replace money.

Are you investing because one day you want to do MORE? Be encouraged, those that invest for income, build an abundance mindset, and find
This is how you achieve MORE!

You don't aim at what's in your sights "now." You aim beyond the horizon. You believe in more than what you're capable of obtaining. As a result, you journey further and weather excess resistance. Consequently, you overachieve.

-Viktor Frankl, an Austrian Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor
Written by Rene January 2021
Do you own real estate that you rent, AND... 

You outsource the property management? 
You do the property management?

These are the two fatal traps of REI (real estate investing). Almost all landlords will be ensnared! Many will sellout or burnout—without ever knowing better!

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