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About Rene
Real estate investing launched Rene from “trailer-park kid” to an accredited investor before the age of 30.

+ Military veteran
+ Real Estate Investor
+ Two Master's degrees in the field of business
Rene now serves as the operator of GONZALO Consulting.

From 10+ years of long-distance experience managing his own rentals, he's learned the importance of technology and virtual-based processes. He now teaches people the ABCs of virtual property management and the multigenerational architecture that grants real freedom.

The ABC's: 
  • Automate: Embrace the virtual space
  • ​Balance: Build long-term sustainable systems
  • ​Control: Replace yourself (i.e. work on your business—not in it)
"I like to help people get more out of real estate. So they can pursue a higher purpose and get a higher ROI to life!"


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